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WorldwideHolland, the nr.1 online Dutch supermarket.

Do you live abroad and do you miss Dutch products such as fresh cheese, chocolate sprinkles, liquorice or peanut butter?

WorldwideHolland is the supplier of Dutch products abroad. Many years of experience help us to package and ship every order carefully. This way we ensure that your favorite Dutch products are delivered safely and quickly, wherever you live in the world.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers preceded you, such as: Dutch expats working abroad, Dutch multinationals, Dutch embassies and of course just Dutch people living abroad.

Populair Dutch Products:

Order Dutch products online

Worldwideholland.com is the nr.1 online supermarket, offering Dutch products. Smoked sausage (rookworst), liquorice (drop), pea soup (erwtensoep) or, for example, Dutch sprikles (hagelslag).

Worldwide shipping

We ship Dutch products worldwide. Our products are being shipped using PostNL or DHL. By using these shipping partners we can assure safe and quick shipping worldwide. Now you can enjoy the best Dutch products everywhere in the world.

Missing a Dutch product?

Are you missing your favourite Dutch product in our webshop? Please send us an email and we wil contact our suppliers. Most of the time we can add the missing product in our webshop.

Dutch top brands

In our webshop we offer nr.1 Dutch top brands like Unox, Bolletje, Venco, Klene, Calvé, Venz and, for example, de Ruijter.