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Our Worldwide Holland loyalty programm:

You will recieve Worlwide Holland Loyalty points for different actions:
1. Order products
2. Write reviews
3. Creating your account

1. Order products
- You will recieve 1 Worldwide Holland point for every euro spend (excluding shipping costs and excluding VAT).  

2. Write reviews
You will recieve 5 Worldwide Holland point for every relevant product review you will write.
- You can write a review for every product.
- After your review is approverd by Worldwide Holland, you will recieve 5 Worldwide Holland points per review.

3. Creating your account
You will recieve 25 Worldwide Holland points for creating a Worldwide Holland account.

What is the vallue of the Worldwide Holland points?
- One Worldwide Holland point equals € 0,01.
- You can use your earned Worldwide Holland points with your next order, or save them to build up a larger amount of Worldwide Holland points.

Terms and conditions:
- Your earned Worldwide Holland points, based on the ordered amount, will be approved as soon as your order has been accepted and has been sent.
- Your earned Worldwide Holland points, based on writing reviews, will be approved as soon as your reviews have been approved.
- Your earned Worldwide Holland points, based on the created account, will be approved as soon as your account has been approved.
- Worldwide Holland points can not redeemadble for cash.
- The terms and conditions regarding the Worldwide Holland points can be changed, without notification. You can always check the most recent terms and conditions on this page.
- If, according to Worldwide Holland, there is any sign ofabuse regarding to the loyalty system, Worldwide Holland has the right to take measures like removing Worldwide Holland Points or remove an account..
- Worldwide Holland points can not be collected or claimed retroactively..