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An easy step-by-step recipe to make delicious Dutch tompoezen yourself.
If desired, you can give the glaze layer a color other than the classic pink. For example, orange to celebrate King's Day or any other color you like. With this step-by-step plan you can easily make these typical Dutch tompouces.

What do we need (for 6 Dutch tompoucen):

- 1 package of Smelik make your own tompoucen
- 1 sachet Dr. Oetket white glaze (if you want a color other than pink)
- 1 pack of dr. Oetker dyes yellow/blue/red (if you want a color other than pink)

Because we use the Smelik homemade tompouces set, we don't have to cook or bake anything ourselves to make 6 delicious pink tompouces. If you want a different color, follow the alternative steps 6 and 7.

Step 1: Fill a measuring cup with 125 ml. water (or use milk for an extra creamy filling)

Step 2: Pour the water or milk into a container and add the contents of 1 sachet of pudding powder (this makes filling for 3 tomcats)

Step 3: Stir the mixture until you have a nice smooth pudding and let it set

Step 4: Fill a cup with warm water (about 50°C) and place the sugar icing bag in it

Step 5: Take 1 of the puff pastry sheets and spread it with the pudding

Step 6: Remove the icing bag from the water and knead the bag vigorously

Step 7: Cut off a corner of the icing bag and apply the icing to the second slice of puff pastry

Step 8: Cut the sheet of puff pastry with icing into three equal slices and place on top of the pudding

Step 9: Now cut the cake into three equal parts and you can enjoy three delicious Dutch tompoucen

Repeat these steps for the next three tompoucen.

Extra: If you want to give the glaze a different color (e.g. orange), follow these alternative steps in steps 6 and 7

Alternative Step 6: Prepare the Dr. Oetker white icing according to the package and pour the result on a dish

Alternative Step 7: Take the Dr. Oetker coloring and mix the red and yellow coloring into the icing and apply the now orange icing to the second slice of puff pastry

After preparation, the tompoucen, if refrigerated, have a limited shelf life.